Ambus Executive

Ambus executive desks and workstations offer a distinctive contemporary design. There are three configurations of workstations, each comprising a worksurface supported at one end on a rectangular section hoop frame and at the other on a low storage unit, plus three sizes of single pedestal desk. Tops are available in our range of MFCs and veneers, including 3D, plus contemporary Designer Lacquers (vertical panels only) and PerfectSense. Frames are available in Black, White, Slate, Zinc, Raw Steel Matt.


Ambus Freestanding Desks

A huge choice of different desk shapes and sizes, available on both metal frames and panel ends, enables you to find the very best solution for any given application. Tops available in MFC, veneer and 3D. Metal frames in Black, White Slate, Zinc and Raw Steel Matt.


Cable management in Freestanding Desks

Ambus cable management is accessible from the user side. All desks fitted with Black, Slate, White or Zinc cable ports as standard, or optionally Polished Chrome. Metal frames incorporate matching cable risers and pass-through functionality to route cable between adjacent desks (Power Handling). Slate cable risers and pass-through port options available on panel end desks (Wire Management). Optional horizontal cable trays. 


Frame and Panel Options


Most desks offer the option of recessed panels or frames on either or both sides, optimising knee space when desks are linked together.


Rectangular Desks


800mm to 2000mm wide.


Wave Desks


The “Ambus wave” curls back to 800mm at each end, maximising flexibility of layout.


Corner Desks


Corner desks are available 1400mm to 2000mm wide, with a return side measuring 1200mm. 


Bow Front Corner Desk option


Optional bow fronts offer a different visual style and provide enhanced knee room for visitors pulling up to the front of the desk.


Simple Corner Desks


Simple corner desks feature a simplified structure that reduces cost by eliminating a separate corner leg.


Handed Corner Workstations


A corner desk with an integral three-drawer pedestal and a one-piece top.


Simple Handed Corner Workstations


Handed corner workstations with a simplified structure that reduces cost by eliminating a separate corner leg.


Unhanded Corner Desks


Symmetrical corner desks with full (800mm) depth work surfaces to both left and right.


120° Workstations


May be used individually, but more usually in clusters of three or six. The workstation versions incorporate an integral pedestal to left or right.


Freestanding Returns


Small desk-height supplementary work surfaces, offering both rectangular and wave shape tops, designed to be placed at 90° to another work surface.


Meeting Desks


Specialised desks with a shaped top and no modesty panel (so people can sit comfortably on both sides) with an integral pedestal. Available in 1500mm and 1700mm widths. Ideal for customer-facing applications such as estate agencies or car sales showrooms, for discussions between the user and one or two visitors. Cables may be routed through the pedestal as standard to minimise cable clutter. The standard tapered legs, available in Black, Slate, White or Zinc, may be replaced with a single Polished Chrome pedestal base if preferred.


Conference Extensions


Supplementary work surfaces in a choice of two shapes designed to be placed at the end of desk to provide a small meeting facility at the desk without the need for a separate meeting table.


Pedestals (drawer units)

For use adjacent to or under desks and tables. All pedestals incorporate side drawer pulls, and may optionally be fitted with any of two handle styles. All drawers are fitted with heavy duty ball bearing 100% extension runners. Optional pedestal cushion available for medium-height and low mobile pedstals, creatng ad-hoc touchdown seating.


Desk-height Pedestals


735mm high and 431mm wide, available with or without handles.


Medium-height Pedestals


630mm high and 431mm wide, fit neatly under Ambus desks. Also available with or without handles. Add touchdown seating with optional cushions.


Narrow Pedestals


320mm wide, compared to the 431mm of standard pedestals. Useful where knee space might otherwise be restricted.


Low Mobile Pedestals


Offer a cost-saving over medium-height pedestals (one drawer less). Also useful where the space between the pedestal and the underside of the desk top can be usefully utilised, e.g. to support a small printer or other equipment. Add touchdown seating with optional cushions.




A combination one-piece unit comprising a desk height, desk depth pedestal with a 505mm high storage compartment above, opening to the side onto the worksurface. Either open fronted of with a tambour door. Provides enhanced privacy and immediately accessible storage.


See Storage range for more workspace storage solutions.


Streamline Reception Counters

Ambus Streamline enables the creation of attractive and distinctive reception counters in a very wide range of configurations and sizes, from a small selection of simple modules. Counter height modules can be combined with desk height “customer contact” modules at either end or in the centre. Available in MFC, veneer or 3D with stainless steel kickplates as standard.

NEW Corner Module for 2020.


Ambus Meeting and Conference Tables

Ambus offers an exceptionally wide range of tables for general office use and for meeting and conference rooms. Tables are offered as standard in lengths up to 5000mm (but can provide tables of any length) and diameters up to 1800mm, with an extensive choice of top shapes, base/leg options and tops in veneer or MFC, as well as in our 3D finishes.


Top shapes

  • Rectangular
  • Pear shape
  • Barrel
  • D-end
  • Oval
  • Circular
  • Cushion
  • Square


  • Round tubular legs
  • Panel bases (vertical cable risers optional)
  • Arrowhead bases (cloaking panel for vertical cable routing optional)
  • Box bases (with internal vertical cable routing as standard)
  • I-bases (with integral vertical cable risers as standard)
  • T-bases
  • Double-upright T-bases (with integral vertical cable risers as standard)
  • V-bases
  • Eclipse legs (curved Aluminium legs)
  • Pedestal bases: slim round chrome column on Polished Chrome circular base (Circular and Poseur height tables only)


Cable Management for Tables


Cable Management Tiles: optional lift-out tiles provide access to a high-capacity cable tray into which sockets may be located at any point. Tiles may be specified in a matching or contrasting veneer, MFC or 3D to the surrounding top, or in White glass, frosted Green glass or Black mirror glass. Glass tiles offer the additional benefit of providing a heat and liquid resistant surface.

Cable Management Flaps: single or double hinged flaps give access to a cable tray which can accommodate sockets and excess cable. Flaps are available in the same or a contrasting finish to the table top.

Flip-top Sockets: with a lid that hinges open to reveal the chosen selection of sockets. The flap may be closed during operation, leaving only the cables visible. Pop-up Sockets: comprising a circular port which can be raised up to provide access to a vertical socket block.

Flexible and Extendable Cable Spines: to keep cables tidy where is it impractical to route them within the furniture we offer freestanding flexible cable spines that may be positioned wherever desired.

Sockets and Cables: we offer a comprehensive choice of suitable power and data sockets and connecting cables.


Modular Tables

Our Modular Table Systems meet the need for very flexible, easily reconfigurable tables that provide flexibility, so you can choose the solution that best meets your needs. Tops are available in MFC and veneer, as well as 3D, Designer Finishes and PerfectSense. 


FlipTop Tables


Tables with a flip top that may be easily released using a one-handed pull-catch and pivoted through 90° from horizontal to vertical. Tops lock automatically when rotated back to horizontal. With tops “flipped” to vertical tables may be nested together, reducing the space needed for storage. Moving tables through doorways from room to room with “flipped tops” is simple and convenient, minimising the risk of knocks and damage to both tables and doorways.

We offer two frame styles: an inverted “T” shape and an inverted “Y” shape. The Y-shape offers the added convenience that a user at the end of a table can pull up close to the surface and place their feet under the frame. Both frames available in Black, White, Slate, Zinc, Raw Steel Matt and Polished Chrome. T-frames are fitted with glides or lockable 50mm castors and Y-frames with lockable 75mm diameter castors.

Tops are available in sizes ranging from 1200 x 600mm to 1800 x 800mm, and in rectangular, trapezoidal, D-end and the NEW DV-end shape. Options include modesty panels and a hinged cable management flap with cable tray. Tops may optionally be linked together using simple finger-tightened linking plates that store under the tops when not in use.


Sectional Tables

Square, rectangular, trapezoidal, D-end and the NEW DV-end table, on removable round legs in Black, White, Slate, Zinc, Raw Steel Matt and Polished Chrome (plus triangular linking tops). Top sizes from 700 x 700mm to 1600 x 800mm. Sectional tables may be used individually or linked together to form larger configurations. With the legs removed, table tops and legs may be stored and moved on a mobile trolley. Tops may optionally be linked together using simple finger-tightened linking plates that store under the tops when not in use.


Reconfigurable Tables

These comprise rectangular, and 85o or  90o quadrant modules on panel bases that can be used independently (e.g. to form a classroom layout) or combined to form large D-ended, U-shaped, Squircle or Video conferencing configurations. All components are freestanding and no tools or linking devices are required when changing configurations. Cable management options include hinged flaps for rectangular modules and pass-through ports on quadrants.


Coffee Tables

Square, rectangular and circular coffee tables, on round tubular legs (in Polished Chrome, Black, White, Slate, Zinc and Raw Matt), arrowhead bases and Polished Chrome pedestal bases. 


Strong and versatile, the Ambus SPA screens are aluminium framed, 24mm thick, and feature our innovative three-way linking design that eliminates the need for intermediate linking posts or a range of different linking connectors.

All screens are available in both desk-mounted and freestanding versions, and upholstered or glazed/part-glazed in clear frosted acrylic. Screens may be specified with a double-sided six-channel slatwall. Desk-mounted screens also available with a double-sided two-channel accessory bar.


Ambus Edge Options

Ambus tops are 25mm thick, with a choice of two edge styles: 


  • Standard square edge. The standard edge is lipped with 3mm solid timber (with veneer tops) or 1.5mm PVC (with MFC tops).
  • Thin edge 10mm visual edge (chamfered from 25mm), available on tables in both MFC, 3D and veneer.


Modular tables are offered with the standard 25mm Ambus edge and with a 38mm square edge (veneer only).


Ambus Finish Options

Ambus is available in a wide choice of MFC and veneer finishes.

MFC: American Walnut, Beech, Black, Carbon Grey, Concrete, Dust Grey, Flat White, Maple, Natural Oak, Natural Walnut, Slate, White, Zebrano, Zebrano Sand and Zinc.

3D: Halifax Oak in Tobacco, Natural and White.

Veneer: Cherry, Light Oak, Macassar Gold, Macassar Tan, Maple, Natural Walnut, Smoked Oak, Wenge.

In addition to single-colour finishes, Ambus is available in “White Base” and “Zinc combination” finishes. White base combines the selected MFC finish with White on all panels and surfaces below the top: Zinc Combination combines the selected MFC finish with Zinc MFC on vertical panels, excluding doors and drawers.

PerfectSense: (Available on Ambus Executive desks and workstations, FlipTop and Reconfigurable tables) Black, Slate, Dust Grey, Stone Grey, Light Grey, Cashmere Grey, Crema Beige, White, Alpine White.

Designer Lacquers: (Vertical panels only on Ambus Executive desks and workstations, and Reconfigurable tables) 24 contemporary colours.


Important notes about veneers and hardwood timbers


We use solid hardwoods and wood veneers whose varying grain and figure emphasise the natural beauty and individuality of the wood. No two pieces of timber are identical, and there will be natural variations in hue, grain and figure, and both knots and colouring arising from natural minerals in the wood. None of these variations or features are faults: they are simply proof of the natural origin of the product. Please note that most timbers and veneers either lighten or darken on exposure to light. Should you add additional items at a later date, there may be an initial colour mismatch that should even out over a period of time.


Ambus Handle Options

Ambus offer two choices of handles. Handles are optional on pedestals (recessed drawer pulls are fitted as standard to all pedestals). Storage units are fitted with handles as standard, except vertical tambour doors which have integral finger pulls. Handle options comprise the original Ambus satin chrome tubular bow handles, "Elegance" satin chrome flat-sided bow handles and a Black satin handle.



Accessory bars and stationery fittings: desk-mounted accessory bars which accept a selection of letter trays, pen holders etc.

Monitor Arms: desk and screen-mounted monitor support arms, both manually height adjustable and gas-assisted.

CPU Cradles: under-desk mounted CPU holders, both fixed and slide out/rotate.

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